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Michael at Futures Fund Showcase

Hi, my name is Michael Jackson, I am a Front End Web Developer from Baton Rouge, La. I have been a professional developer since 2016. I enjoy using code in order to help businesses achieve their goals by creating beautiful responsive websites.

When I'm not working on websites I like to involve myself in the developer community in other ways. First, I along with fellow developer Quinton Jason created BR HackNight. A meet-up group for local web developers to gather and talk shop (see below for more details). Secondly, I am a Lead Instructor with Futures Fund. An organization created through the Walls Project to teach middle and high school students coding and photography.

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Today (at the time of this writing) it is December 2, 2017, the date of our Future’s Fund Student Showcase. I must say, seeing these young people on stage articulating their vision and the things that they’ve learned in their time with Future’s Fund is amazing and overwhelming. I’ve never taught students before joining the FF Instructor team. Seeing MY students that I’ve spent several saturdays instructing standing tall and speaking with confidence was unbelievable. That feeling is worth more than money. To help the youth, to help the community and to have a hand in crafting the future generations is huge to me.

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The time has come! Baton Rouge will now be having a monthly Meet Up for Web Developers at Louisiana Tech Park (www.latechpark.com/) 7117 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 the last Wednesday of every month at 6 pm.

This monthly event is for everyone: professionals, hobbyists and students alike. BR Hack Night is a place for people with a passion for the web to gather and work on ideas and projects in an environment with other creatives. Students are especially welcome to attend. With so many “How to Become a Web ____” resources online, it can be hard to chart the right course. Come and join us and talk to other web enthusiasts and gain some insights from your peers.

The Baton Rouge Web community is large and continues to grow. We need more and more venues where we can get together and help it grow. Everyone is encouraged to bring a computer and get some work done. If you’re stuck, feel free to lean over and (politely) ask your neighbor for some assistance. Or you can just have a friendly chat and talk with others who share your interests in web. The goal of Hack Night is cooperation and community. Whether you’re a code ninja (or samurai or wizard) or a newbie who has never written a line of code, we want you to come and learn the joys of the Web.

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