This site was a great experience to develop. This was the first time I was tasked with creating the wireframe for a site. Based on the client brief, I knew this site would be image + graphic focused. So with that information, I decided to model the site after how man modern apps are designed with large graphics and buttons and easy-to-navigate pages.

This was a custom site, developed entirely from scratch.

Technologies :

  • Foundation
  • JointsWP: A Blank WordPress Theme Powered by Foundation
  • SCSS
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • gulp

Highlights :

  • The projects page was exciting to work on. Having the images laid out in a grid
  • Seeing my wireframe come to life. Taking a client brief and creating something that can properly relay the message they were wanting.

Learning Moments :

  • Creating a gallery for project images, that popped up in a modal. This was an interesting task because not only did the images need to appear in a grid, and pop up in a modal. But also needed to be built in such a way that it could be maintained on the back end. I used the plugin Advanced Custom Fields to create a repeater field that fed images into the grid.

Screenshot of distinctive homes
*This site was developed at Brew Agency. The code & designs used are property of Brew Agency.