Riser Services was a fun site to develop. Lot’s of content, and not a lot of images. This is where the opportunity for creativity comes in. Adding elements to the site which add flair and decoration, but in a way that is purposeful and does not take away from the content but add to it.

This was a custom site, developed entirely from scratch.

Technologies :

  • Foundation
  • JointsWP: A Blank WordPress Theme Powered by Foundation
  • SCSS
  • Advanced Custom Fields

Highlights :

  • Pictured below, adding a wave element to the site to create some movement on the site, so it isn’t just flat text.
  • Also, being able to add text inside of the wave, while still having it be responsive, was an interesting challenge.

Learning Moments :

  • The biggest learning moment was incorporating the wave design element. I was not able to use a .png image because they lose resolution on large screens. So instead I used .svg’s (scalable vector graphic). I used an svg to create the wave angle, then positioned it inside of a relatively positioned div, which worked perfectly among all screen sizes.

screenshot of deepwater riser homepage

*This site was developed at Brew Agency. The code & designs used are property of Brew Agency.